Wellness Coaching for a Healthy Body, Mind & Spirit
There are many techniques used for meditation. Here, I'm committed to teaching you a very basic technique that you can use for years, or use as a strong foundation to build more advanced techniques. We will use one or two basic meditation techniques to start training the mind, assisting it in slowing down and regaining focus. Through this, you will increase your sense of discipline and focus. We will talk about the challenges you are encountering and what to do about them. These things tend to translate into the everyday world, so our discussions may include ways to handle that, or ways to change our perception about different situations. There are different formats to work with me to learn about meditation. You can do private One-on-One Meditation sessions with me. Or, you can be part of a group by attending the Intro to Meditation workshop or series - See calendar for dates.

One-on-One Meditation
As your Meditation Instructor, I will listen carefully to your needs during our one-on-one sessions, and together we will develop a practice that works best for you, best for your body and mind. We can mix sitting and walking meditation during your session, and even a little yoga if you need some stretching before sitting. We will adjust to your energy levels and ability. During these sessions we can talk about what challenges you may be having with your practice, or how to handle real world interactions with more patience and less stress. You will receive enough instruction to have a home meditation practice. Since you will benefit the most from doing this practice regularly, you will be expected meditate between sessions.

New to Meditation?
If you are new to meditation, we will start off slowly, building up your focus and stability, increasing your time meditating gradually. You will learn the basics and build on that with confidence.

Limited Mobility or Recovering from Injuries?
If you are dealing with physical injuries or other limited mobility, we will discuss what your doctors, physical therapists, and chiropractors have told you. We will modify your sitting practice with a chair or do walking meditation, depending what you were told you should or should not do.

Your Own Time, Your Own Session
If you are in good shape and you just simply are wanting sessions dedicated to you, we customize your sessions and practice together. If you are an experienced meditator, we can go over your current practice or take you back to the basics to rebuild your foundation. Sometimes it's good to touch base with someone, or make special time for your meditation practice.

The Meditation I Teach
As your Meditation Instructor, I will guide you along your sessions based on your needs. I teach one or two basic meditation techniques that is accessible to most anyone. I teach you how to sit on a cushion or chair, and also walking meditation. Because my style is very instructional, I am able to teach those new to meditation with patience and clarity. For the experienced meditation practitioner, I can help you with the subtle nuances of sitting, address alignment issues, or help in adapting your practice based on your current needs. My specialty is using the breath, since it is always with you, to focus on and a counting technique to give the mind something to do other than wandering around.

What You Get
55-minute sessions
Customized sessions for you
Modifications based on your physical needs
Time and space just for you

Single One-on-One Private Meditation Session
$85 - 55-minute session
$107 - 1hr 15 minutes session
$127 - 1hr 25 minutes session

4 One-on-One Private Meditation Sessions
$320 - 4 - 55-minute sessions
$400 - 4 - 1hr 15 minutes sessions
$480 - 4 - 1hr 25 minutes sessions

Have a friend you want to share Meditation with? Semi-privates work great!
Single Semi-Private Meditation Session

$60 per person - 55-minutes session
$75 per person - 1hr 15 minutes session
$90 per person - 1hr 25 minutes session

4 Semi-Private Meditation Sessions
$220 per person - 4 - 55 minutes sessions
$275 per person - 4 - 1hr 15 minutes sessions
$330 per person - 4 - 1hr 25 minutes sessions

Can I mix Meditation and Yoga in One Session?
Yes! Many of my clients enjoy using part of their time to incorporate both meditation and yoga. Whatever portion you want to use for yoga, we work that in. We can do walking meditation, sitting meditation, or some very focused breathing along with some yoga.

What about Group Classes?
Currently, I do not teach any group classes for meditation. However, watch for workshops or series for meditation.

What about Workshops or Series?
Workshops and series are a great way to get specialized instructions or a deep dive on a concept or theme. These classes usually range from 1 hour up to 2 hours. Currently, I teach an Intro to Meditation workshop and series. Usually the workshop is 1 1/2 hour class that meets one time, and the series is a 4 class series that is usually one hour long.

Often my husband, Steve Koziatek, joins me in teaching these. This is quite a treat, and I enjoy teaching along beside him. Between the both of us, we bring many years of meditation practice, practical application and training.

We are passionate about teaching the very basics of meditation so that anyone can do it. You will feel relaxed, focused with a great sense of clarity at the end of your session. You will be able to meditate at home on your own with a very simple practice. You will know what the best meditation position is for you - in a chair, on the floor, or walking. We'll guide on what to do with a very busy mind.

This workshop or series can be turned into a private session or multiple private sessions designed specifically for you.

Health & Safety: In all physical activity, exercise, and movement, there is some risk of injury. Yoga and meditation is no different. It is important that you understand your limitations, talk with your doctor about any movements or positions you should or should not do, and know your body. It is important that you communicate with me what those are and remind me anytime we are working together. It is important that you let me know anytime something we are doing doesn't feel right to you, so that we can stop and determine what is going on. I will do my best to help you, adapt poses to you and eliminate those that may not be right for your body based on my years of experience, training, and what you tell me, but I am NOT a medical doctor, chiropractor, physical therapist or massage therapist. If you are ever concerned about your health, please follow up with the appropriate healthcare professional.

Expiration Policy: ALL programs expire 2 months after the end date of the program. All unused sessions will be lost.

Cancellation Policy: 24 hours advance cancellation/reschedule notice required for each appointment, otherwise you forfeit your appointment and will not be able to reschedule it.
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