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One-on-One Yoga

As your Yoga Instructor, I will listen carefully to your needs during our one-on-one sessions, and together we will develop a practice that works best for you, best for your body and mind. We can mix a restorative yoga, gentle yoga or a bit more active practice into your sessions. We will adjust to your energy levels and ability.

New to yoga?
If you are new to yoga, we will start off slowly, building up your strength and flexibility, increasing your knowledge of poses and your understanding of how they affect your mind and body. You will learn the basics and build on that with confidence.

Limited Mobility or Recovering from Injuries?
If you are dealing with physical injuries or other limited mobility, we will discuss what your doctors, physical therapists, and chiropractors have told you. We will modify poses, and your yoga practice, based on what they said you should or should not be doing.

Your Own Time, Your Own Session?
If you are in good shape and you just simply are wanting sessions dedicated to you, we customize your sessions and practice together. Adjusting and adapting with your body and mind for that day.

Yoga I Teach
As your Yoga Instructor, I will guide you along your sessions based on your needs. I teach a gentle to medium intensity style. That means that my style is accessible to most people who are mobile, in reasonably good shape, and are able to get up and down off the floor without assistance. Because my style is very instructional, I am able to teach those new to yoga with patience and clarity. For the experienced yoga practitioner, I can help you with the subtle nuances of poses, address alignment issues, or help in adapting your practice based on your current needs. My specialty is breaking down the simplest or the most complex poses into steps that most people can do or at a level that is best for them.

What You Get
  • 55-minute sessions
  • Customized sessions for you
  • Modifications based on your physical needs
  • Time and space just for you
Single One-on-One Private Yoga Session
$85 - 55-minute session
$107 - 1hr 15 minutes session - Just the right amount of time!
$127 - 1hr 25 minutes session

4 One-on-One Private Yoga Sessions
$320 - 4 - 55-minute sessions
$400 - 4 - 1hr 15 minutes sessions - Just the right amount of time!
$480 - 4 - 1hr 25 minutes sessions
Have a friend you want to share yoga with? If you are at similar physical levels, semi-privates work great!
Single Semi-Private Session
$60 per person - 55-minutes session
$75 per person - 1hr 15 minutes session
$90 per person - 1hr 25 minutes session

4 Semi-Private Yoga Sessions
$220 per person - 4 - 55 minutes sessions
$275 per person - 4 - 1hr 15 minutes sessions
$330 per person - 4 - 1hr 25 minutes sessions
Can I mix Yoga and Meditation in One Session?
Yes! Many of my clients enjoy using part of their yoga time to incorporate some meditation. Whatever portion you want to use for meditation, we work that in. We can do walking meditation, sitting meditation, or some very focused breathing.

What about Group Classes?
Group classes are a great way to get to excellent instructions at a more affordable cost. It's also fun to learn yoga in a group, develop friendships and become a part of a community. I teach group classes at multiple locations, see my schedule under Events. My classes are designed to be accessible to most people at a gentle to medium intensity level. They are usually mixed-level classes, meaning I have students who are fairly new to yoga as well as those who have been practicing yoga for years. I do offer general modifications to students and encourage students to work at the own level. However, since this is a group class setting you will not be able to get detailed instructions specific for your needs during the class. My focus is on moving the class through poses and sequences that encourages strength, flexibility and challenge when appropriate. I'm usually available after class to answer your questions or concerns. If you need more attention to your specific needs, then let's look at doing a one-on-one session together.

What about Workshops?
Workshops are a great way to get specialized instructions or a deep dive on a concept or theme. These classes are usually longer than a regular class and may focus on a particular style of yoga, grouping of poses, or working on certain areas of the body. Some workshops I provide are Restorative Yoga, Intro to Yoga, and Yoga on the Wall.

In Restorative Yoga, we use lots and lots of props to help your body rest completely. When the body is allowed to rest completely, it gets busy taking care of many things for us like digestion, cell regeneration, self-healing, etc. It helps us move out of the fight/flight/freeze stress condition to rest and digest non-stress condition. As a result, we start to relax, rest and let go at all levels - physically, mentally and emotionally. When we are done, you will feel like you have had a luxurious massage. This workshop is usually 2 hours long, and depending on the facility, your props are provided. Feel free to bring some of your own. This workshop doesn't require any yoga experience, so it's a great workshops to introduce a friend to yoga.

Intro to Yoga is a 2 hour workshop designed to teach you the most common yoga poses, some of the basic yoga principles and some basic yogic breathing. When you are finished, you will feel relaxed and confident that you have a basic understanding of what to expect when you walk into a regular yoga class. This workshop can be turned into a 4-6 class series for more extensive information and preparation on the basics of yoga. No yoga experience necessary, but you do need to be able to get up and down off the floor without assistance.

Yoga on the Wall is my newest yoga workshop. We use the wall as our prop to do many of the yoga poses. In this workshop, we focus more on stretching and opening various areas of the body. This includes hip openers, calf stretches and neck/shoulder stretches. We lay on the floor with our legs up the wall, stretching our hips, hamstrings and low back through various positions. Through stretching our calves while standing, we learn how tight calf muscles may be affecting our forward bends, hamstrings and low back. Also, we learn how this stretch helps prevent or address many foot issues like plantar fasciitis. For the neck and shoulders, we use the wall to stretch and find various range of movements. This helps us open the chest, stretch the arms, and free up the neck. We wrap up our workshop with a wonderful massage using a tennis ball and the wall. When you are finished with this 2 hour workshop, you will feel stretched, open, and relaxed. Some yoga experience is helpful.

Any of these workshops can be turned into a private session or multiple private sessions designed specifically for you.

Health & Safety: In all physical activity, exercise, and movement, there is some risk of injury. Yoga is no different. It is important that you understand your limitations, talk with your doctor about any movements or positions you should or should not do, and know your body. It is important that you communicate with me what those are and remind me anytime we are working together. It is important that you let me know anytime something we are doing doesn't feel right to you, so that we can stop and determine what is going on. I will do my best to help you, adapt poses to you and eliminate those that may not be right for your body based on my years of experience, training, and what you tell me, but I am NOT a medical doctor, chiropractor, physical therapist or massage therapist. If you are ever concerned about your health, please follow up with the appropriate healthcare professional. 

Expiration Policy: ALL programs expire 2 months after the end date of the program. All unused sessions will be lost.

Cancellation Policy: 24 hours advance cancellation/reschedule notice required for each appointment, otherwise you forfeit your appointment and will not be able to reschedule it.
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